International Data Systems – International Data Systems, Inc. Announces Velocity WMS Version 3.0 to 3.6 Roll-Up Update

International Data Systems, Inc. Announces Velocity WMS Version 3.0 to 3.6 Roll-Up Update

Chula Vista, CA May 1, 2009 – International Data Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of Velocity WMS 3.6. This release rolls-up all of the changes in the software since version 3.0, allowing easier updating of all clients that are not yet on Velocity WMS 3.6. International Data Systems is committed to releasing continuous updates of Velocity WMS to provide improvements and new features to existing clients. All existing clients will be upgraded to this latest version of the software within the coming months. Continuous updates are one of the benefits of choosing the Velocity WMS as your warehouse management system of choice. Here are the notable changes in this update:

New in Version 3.6
•Added Brand field drop-down list to the master items screen so that items can be associate with a specific brand. The brands are specific to each customer in the system

New in Version 3.5
•Modified the invoice processing screen so that when the process invoice button is pressed, the request is invoked asynchronously so that you can go perform other tasks in the system while the invoices are being generated. With this feature you no longer have to stay and wait for the invoice processing to finish; you can navigate away from the page if you want and periodically check back to see if the processing is complete.
•Added a web site setting which allows the invoice processing timeout value to be set. This is useful if more time needs to be allowed for invoice processing before the system times out.
•Fixed rounding problem in database function that calculate inventory storage rotation numbers.

New in Version 3.3

•Changed the order screen so that Consignee (Ship To) address information can be entered directly onto order rather than having to go to the consignee screen to create a new consignee. This is good for distribution situations in which the Ship-To address is always going to be different.
•Modified EDI module so that Ship To Address information can be provided in the EDI file rather than performing an address lookup using the Consignee ID.
•Added inventory storage rotation based rates capability to the storage billing profile module. This allows you to base your storage pricing structure on how often your customer’s inventory is turned. For example, you could setup the rate structure so that the quicker the inventory is turned, the better the pricing your customer will receive.
•Added storage surcharge rate capability to the storage billing profile module. This allows you to setup a rate structure that allows you to charge extra for inventory that has been in storage for an excessive amount of time or for a longer time than was agreed upon. This gives an incentive to your customers to turn their inventory thus freeing up warehouse space that can be used to bring in more revenue.
•Auto Suggest capability was added to the receiving screen. This allows the user to start typing in Customer #, Carrier, or Item # and the system will automatically suggest and filter down the choices. The capability to select Customer #, Carrier, and Item # the old way is still available for those that prefer the old method.

New in Version 3.2
•Fixed the problem with post shipment accessorial invoice processing. All track and trace records that exist but do not have a shipment id, will be updated to include the shipment id so that invoice processing doesn’t skip post shipment accessorial charges related to these specific track & trace records.

New in Version 3.1
•Modified billing profile module so that storage, handling, and accessorial items can be associated with accounts in external account systems.
•Added support for the Velocity WMS Invoice Transfer Utility program which allows Velocity WMS invoices to be easily transferred to your local QuickBooks file.

New in Version 3.0
• Added support for Velocity WMS Mobile.

Velocity WMS Mobile is a mobile computing software solution add-on that ties-in with your existing Velocity WMS system. With Velocity WMS Mobile, users can receive inbound shipments, pick orders, ship goods, and manage inventory using the Honeywell Dolphin 9500 series portable, wireless, mobile computing devices. Most data entry tasks can be accomplished using the barcode scanner or keyboard located on the mobile computer. The warehouse employee is not limited to entering data into via the Velocity WMS website; now users have the additional option of processing transactions in real-time from anywhere in the warehouse using the mobile computers running Velocity WMS Mobile. Best of all, Velocity WMS Mobile is free to Velocity WMS subscribers that have a maintenance contract with us and purchase the mobile computers from International Data Systems.

Velocity WMS Mobile Feature Highlights:

◦Integrated barcode reader allows you to scan barcodes for data entry into all of the Velocity WMS Mobile screens. Use the barcode reader to receive inbound merchandise using UPC codes or part numbers. Scan carrier tracking barcode label for easy entry into Velocity WMS. Enter commonly used information into fields by scanning a barcode rather than keying it in.
◦Built-in wireless networking allows you to access WMS functionality from anywhere in your warehouse using the standard 802.11b Wi-Fi protocol
◦Integrated Camera allows warehouse employees to take pictures of merchandise as it enters or leaves your warehouse. Each picture is automatically stored electronically in the Velocity WMS database and is associated with its related receipt or shipment. Great feature for taking pictures of signatures, merchandise, damaged goods, etc.
◦Mobile receiving and mobile shipping frees warehouse workers from needing to perform receiving or shipping data entry on a PC at a fixed location.
◦Mobile inventory functions allows warehouse personnel to adjust, move, or split inventory
◦Mobile Order Picking allows you to get rid of your printed pick list because now you can let the onscreen pick list guide you through the pick locations to pick the correct merchandise
◦Internet capability allows Velocity WMS Mobile to work in real-time via your wireless network and the Internet

•Split, move, or consolidate inventory into different locations and/or pallets while maintaining original Inventory ID (control number)
•A flag has been added to the receiving and inventory screens to allow you to indicate whether a pallet (LPN) is full or partial upon receiving. A web site setting allows this flag to be defaulted to full or partial.
•FIFO (first-in-first-out) and FEFO (first-expired-first-out) algorithms have been improved and take advantage of the full pallet flag
•LPN’s can now be generated before received items are put-away therefore allowing inventory labels to be printed prior to put-away. Also, shipping labels can now be printed prior to putting the shipment in “Shipped” status.
•Image viewer page has been enhanced to allow your clients to view scanned documents securely in PDF, GIF, or JPG formats
•A new web site setting now allows setting whether the receiving LPN group should be incremented by default or not
•A new web site setting now allows setting whether the shipping LPN group should be incremented by default or not

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