International Data Systems – Security


How secure is your data:

  • The software and your data is hosted in a highly secure state of the art data center.
  • Servers are located in locked racks behind three locked doors and an armed security guard.
  • Each rack has its own fire protection system which isolates it from any other rack in the data center. What this means is that if someone else’s equipment catches on fire, it doesn’t bring any of the other racks in the data center down.
  • The door into the data center and the server rack requires a biometric scan of your thumb print in order to access it.
  • All of our servers have redundant power supplies which are fed into redundant power circuits. Each power circuit is fed into a data center uninterruptable power supply which are backed up by diesel powered generators with enough fuel to power the data center for a week before refueling.
  • Each server is fed by two separate internet connections to prevent downtime.
  • Each internet connection is fed by 7 different internet providers. This means that if one or more of the providers go down, your incoming and outgoing connections are automatically rerouted to the other active internet providers.