International Data Systems – Receiving


The receiving module in Velocity WMS was designed for fast and efficient entry of goods into your warehouse.   Perform all of your receiving and put-away tasks on just one screen without having to drill-down into other screens.


  • Perform blind receiving for goods that arrive at your door without a purchase order
  • Receive items electronically via an EDI 856 using the optional EDI module
  • Automatically create master items during the receiving process for items that are not already in the system without having to stop the receiving process or leave the screen
  • Automatically notify customers and warehouse personnel via email when an inbound delivery has been received and put-away
  • Print warehouse labels with bar codes for easy identification and tracking of inventory
  • Automatically assign license plate numbers to pallets, boxes, skids, etc.
  • Assign storage locations to merchandise
  • Assign lot numbers, serial numbers, and expiration dates to items
  • Store pictures of goods and/or scanned paper documents with the receipt electronically

Receiving Screen Shots