International Data Systems – Order/Fulfillment


The order module in Velocity WMS allows orders to be created by warehouse personnel or customers. Inventory is allocated or committed as soon as the items are placed on the order to keep real-time inventory information up to date and minimize stock outages.


  • Choose the best inventory picking algorithm based on the type of goods that you are dealing with. Select FIFO (first-in-first-out) for normal stock rotation or FEFO (first-expired-first-out) for goods that have an expiration date.
  • Easily import all items from specific inbound receipts into the order for easy order fulfillment. This functionality provides a high level of efficiency for freight forwarding operations.
  • Automatically send email notifications to customers and/or warehouse personnel when an order has been accepted and is in process. Your customers will value this extra level of communication and service.
  • Print pick list which guides warehouse personnel to the appropriate locations for picking of goods.
  • The Customer web portal allows your customer to place their own orders on-line.

Order/Fulfillment Screenshots