International Data Systems – Mobile Computing and Barcoding

Mobile Computing and Barcoding

Velocity WMS Mobile is a mobile computing software solution add-on that ties-in with your existing Velocity WMS system. Users can receive inbound shipments, pick orders, ship goods, and make inventory adjustment using the Honeywell Dolphin 9500 series portable mobile computers. Most data entry tasks can be accomplished using both the barcode scanner and/or the keyboard. Warehouse personnel are not limited to entering data into the system via the website interface; now users have the additional option of processing transactions in real-time from anywhere in the warehouse using the mobile computers running Velocity WMS Mobile.


  • Integrated barcode reader allows you to scan barcodes for data entry into all of the Velocity WMS Mobile screens.
  • Use the barcode reader to receive inbound merchandise using UPC codes or part numbers.
  • Scan carrier tracking barcode label for easy entry into the system.
  • Enter commonly used information into fields by scanning a barcode rather than keying it in.
  • Built-in wireless networking allows you to access WMS functionality from anywhere in your warehouse using the standard 802.11b Wi-Fi protocol.
  • Integrated Camera allows employees to take pictures of merchandise as it enters or leaves your warehouse. Each picture is automatically stored electronically in the system and is associated with its related receipt or shipment. Great feature for taking pictures of signatures, merchandise, damaged goods, etc.
  • Mobile receiving and shipping frees warehouse workers from needing to perform those functions using a PC at a fixed location.
  • Inventory functionality allows warehouse personnel to adjust, move, or split inventory while at the shelf or bin location
  • Order picking allows you to get rid of your printed pick list because now you can let the onscreen pick list guide you through the warehouse storage locations to pick the correct merchandise.
  • Built in WiFi capability allows Velocity WMS Mobile to work in real-time via your wireless network and the Internet.

Mobile Screenshots