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About On-demand Software

What is on-demand software?

On-demand software is software that is delivered over the Internet as a subscription to a service. Rather than you installing and maintaining conventional software, the software is accessed via the Internet, freeing you from costly and complicated software and hardware management.

On-demand software is also known as web-based software, hosted software, or SaaS (software-as-a-service).  Whatever the name, on-demand software is hosted on the service providers hardware infrastructure.  The service provider is responsible for managing the accessibility, security, and performance.

What are the benefits of On Demand software?

Money Savings

Lower I.T. Costs

By subscribing to an on-demand software service, you avoid the overhead associated with implementing conventional software. You will not have the burden and cost of purchasing, maintaining, and providing a secure environment for the hardware, which also takes the time and effort of your experienced IT personnel.

Pay as you go

When you subscribe to an on-demand software service, you typically pay a monthly subscription fee.   Compared to a traditional software license, this subscription payment structure works to your advantage because an on-going monthly expense is easier to incorporate into your budget than a large one-time outlay. You can cancel or change your subscription without losing a large initial investment.

Time Savings

Because most of the typical implementation tasks associated with traditional software are eliminated, deployment time tends to be much shorter with an On Demand solution.

Focus budgets on competitive advantage rather than IT infrastructure

When you subscribe to an on-demand application, you free your company from supporting high-cost, time-consuming IT functions such as:

  • Purchasing and supporting the hardware infrastructure necessary to install, implement, and maintain the software in-house.
  • Providing the housing and equipment redundancy necessary to ensure security, reliability, and scalability.
  • Maintaining a labor-intensive patch and software upgrade process.

Gain immediate access to the latest innovations

With conventional licensed software, typically you have to wait for the next release to benefit from the latest innovations or to move your organization to a new browser or operating system. Given the cost and complexity of moving to a new version, it may not even be practical to upgrade each time a new release becomes available.  With an on-demand software service you benefit from innovations on an on-going basis. As soon as a new or improved feature appears in the application, you can begin using it.