International Data Systems – International Data Systems, Inc. Announces Referral Program for the Velocity WMS On Demand Warehouse Management System

International Data Systems, Inc. Announces Referral Program for the Velocity WMS On Demand Warehouse Management System

Chula Vista, CA July 6, 2009 – A growing client base coupled with outstanding customer satisfaction has positioned International Data Systems, Inc. to launch a unique referral program tied to sales of Velocity WMS which is the company’s flagship inventory control and warehouse management system software.

Every referrer that referrers a new Velocity WMS customer to International Data Systems through the program is rewarded a monthly commission for a period of 12 months for every invoice sent to and paid by the referred customer during that period.

“Much of our current clientele has come to us via referrals”, said Jaime Soto, Vice President of International Data Systems. “This is a testament to our products and the value that they provide to our clients. Having a program in place to reward these people for helping International Data Systems to succeed is very important to us. By allocating a percentage of the marketing budget towards the referral program, International Data Systems redistributes our profits to a supportive customer base while simultaneously promoting our services – everybody wins. “ International Data Systems expects new customer acquisition to rise steadily through 2009 and 2010.

For additional information on International Data Systems, their services, and this program, visit their web site at or contact them by phone during regular business hours (8:00 AM to 5:00 PM PST) at 1-877-254-4858.

About International Data Systems

International Data Systems is a proven leader in inventory control and warehouse management systems. Specializing in Internet based, on-demand, real-time inventory management and bar-coding solutions.

International Data Systems was founded in 1990 as a software development company with a primary focus on warehousing and inventory control systems. Hundreds of large, medium, and small businesses throughout the world rely on IDS systems to successfully manage their warehouse and inventory control processes. International Data Systems is headquartered in San Diego County California for convenient International access into the Mexican and U.S. border.

About Velocity WMS

Velocity WMS is a modern, easy to use, easy to learn, and quick to deploy on-demand warehouse management system that provides you with the tools you need to effectively control your inventory while providing you and your customer with real-time inventory information.

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