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  • Velocity WMS

    Systematize your warehouse with a modern warehouse management system that is easy to use and flexible so that you can ship and receive goods more efficiently and accurately, for a low monthly cost. Velocity WMS will make your warehouse operations more robust and vigorously competitive.

  • On-Demand Software Architecture

    The Velocity WMS on demand software architecture means that you will be up and running right away with no need to purchase hardware or install software on your computer.

  • Return on Investment

    With no big up-front costs you will achieve a return on your investment within your first month.

  • Differentiate Yourself

    Ship and receive in a timely manner by revolutionizing and distinguishing your distribution procedures from the competition with Velocity WMS.

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Velocity WMS™ - Warehouse Management System

For the last decade, Velocity WMS has helped companies successfully manage their warehouse processes and control their inventory. The on-demand software architecture means that you get started with very low up-front cost and get installed and implemented at a fraction of the time of a traditional desktop software application.

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IDS Scan - iOS Application

IDS Scan is an iOS app that allows you to scan item numbers and/or serial numbers creating a batch that can later be sent via email as a comma delimited text file or XML file. If you are a Velocity WMS subscriber you can also choose to send the data directly to the Velocity WMS receiving module for importing into a receipt.

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